Dribs and Drabbles – my new free ebook! ?>

Dribs and Drabbles – my new free ebook!

I’ve just published Dribs and Drabbles, a free ebook. It’s a collection of short stories of varying lengths, from twitter fiction (140 characters) to drabbles (100 words) to flash fiction (less than 750 words) to a short story of nearly 2,000 words. The stories include Scrooge, a retelling of the classic A Christmas Carol, completely original tales such as, The City From The Sea, and Red and the Alien Wolf, a rebooted Red Riding Hood.

Currently, it’s available on Smashwords, iBooks, Kobo and Barnes and Noble for free. It’s 99p on Amazon until I can get them to change this to free. I can only do this by informing Amazon that’s it’s free on other platforms so takes a little time to sort out.Eventually, it will be free on Amazon too. The ebook also contains a free download of my short story, The Interview if you subscribe to my email list.





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