My fan fiction ?>

My fan fiction

I realise I’ve never mentioned that I write fan fiction. I like  to read fan fiction as well. Some of the stuff I’ve read has been really clever. I especially like fan fiction  “crossovers”, where the characters from two different TV shows or books come together in a story. I think I like crossovers so much because in a way, it’s like alternate history (which I also love) and I never feel guilty reading them because clearly the author would never write something like that.

Fan fiction is often defined as unpaid fiction about famous characters but I would disagree with that. There are a lot of novels and short stories about characters such as Lizzie Bennet and Mr. Darcy, Alice and Sherlock Holme published by traditional and self-publishers out there with a price. Surely, they’re fan fiction too?

I have some stories on under the name of Eliza Donelittle in case you’re interested.

My stories are:

Ill Met By Moonlight (Buffy/Poirot – completed)

Susan After Narnia (it does what it says on the tin – not a crossover & not completed)

Vanity Slair (Buffy/Vanity Fair – completed)

Stuart and Alice (The Big Bang Theory – not a crossover & not completed)

The Star Trek Original Series Uchronia (Star Trek Original Series/The Big Bang Theory – not completed)

Putting Right What Once Went Wrong (Where I write alternate endings for books/TV shows/films endings I didn’t like – only two so far, for a short Sherlock Holmes story and a short lived TV series).


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