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Kindle Paper White

I have a Kindle Paper White ebook reader. It’s one of my newer acquisitions and I’ve rapidly become very fond of it. It is smaller and lighter than the Kindle Keyboard but not as light or as convenient a size to shove in a handbag as my Sony PRS350.

The thing I really love about it is the ability to read in the dark without it hurting your eyes. Slightly ironic in that I own it now and am not commuting. I would have loved to have had this when I was commuting and waiting on platforms dark winter evenings for trains to appear. With my little Sony PRS350, I had to find a light to stand by so I could read.

It has a touch screen so that made a big change from my Kindle Keyboard and getting used to the new way of doing things took a little time. Since I also have two Kobos, I do occasionally forget which one I am using and try to tap the wrong place on the screen.

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