My favourite Pride and Prejudice fiction ?>

My favourite Pride and Prejudice fiction

Here’s a list of my current favourite Pride and Prejudice fiction in no particular order.

  • Assumptions and Actuality, L Meredith

This is a parody and there are only four daughters. All the names of the characters have been changed.

  • Bridget Jones’ Diary, Helen Fielding.

Probably the most famous Pride and Prejudice fiction novel and a perennial favourite of mine.

  • Conceit and Concealment, Abigail Reynolds.

This imagines Pride and Prejudice taking place in an England where Napoleon Bonaparte succeeded in conquering it.

  • Lydia Bennet’s Blog, the Real Story of Pride and Prejudice, Valerie Laws.

This is written from Lydia’s point of view, as if she was a modern teenager. Very funny.

  • Mrs. Darcy Versus the Aliens, Jonathan Pinnock.

This is a sequel to Pride and Prejudice where aliens are trying to invade England. Lots of puns.

  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Seth Grahame-Smith.

Another famous Pride and Prejudice fiction novel and one that kickstarted the mashup novel sub-genre. It does what it says on the tin.

  • That Girl, Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Story, James Ramos

This switches the genders round,  similar to my own novel, Pride and Prejudice: The Other Way Round. 

Looking at the list, I can see that they are all variations of one sort of another apart from Bridget Jones, which is a retelling.

Three are comic novels; Mrs. Darcy vs The Aliens, Lydia Bennet’s Blog and Assumptions and Actuality. Three are set in the Regency era; Conceit and Concealment, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Assumptions and Actuality.

Two are Young Adult, Lydia Bennet’s Blog and That Girl, Darcy. Two are diaries, Lydia Bennet’s Blog and Bridget Jones’ Diary.

One is a mashup between horror and a classic, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies; one is Science Fiction, Mrs. Darcy Versus the Aliens and one is alternative history, Conceit and Concealment

So what does that say about me? I clearly like a wide variety of genres and styles. It does make me wonder if Pride and Prejudice readers usually stick to one type of story or like me, pick and mix.

I recently found out my sister loves Pride and Prejudice fiction and has about 150 books! She prefers the Regency era ones. I must find out whether she prefers straight sequels or variations.

Update 19 September 2017

Just found another one! First (Wrong) Impressions by Krista D. Ball – a gritty modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice, set in Edmonton, Canada. I think the cover is rubbish, mind.

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