Finished first draft of Murder and Mittens ?>

Finished first draft of Murder and Mittens

M&M book cover
Murder and Mittens Book Cover

Murder and Mittens is the novel I wrote for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month). You had to write 50,000 words, which I did by the end of November so I am a Nanowrimo winner. I wanted to finish off the novel by the end of December and decided it would be 65,000 words. Well, I finished it yesterday at 58,000 words, a bit under.

Feel very proud of myself for actually completing a novel even if it is a first draft and probably not that brilliant. Having said that, I put the draft on as I was writing it because the nice people at Smashwords have a special section for Nanowrimo novels and I thought it would be a good motivator for me. I have put the whole first draft on it now. If you fancy reading it, it’s free. Amazingly, some people are charging for their Nanowrimo novels – I find that hard to understand when the whole point is to write as much as you can – quantity over quality and the novels are likely to be first drafts.

My lovely niece created a book cover for it which you can see that in the Gallery here. I had forgotten that if you upload a book cover to Smashwords, it will then automatically go into the Premium Catalogue and get distributed although not to Apple, Oyster or Kobo who do not accept ebooks unless they have an ISBN. And not Kindle as Smashwords do not distribute to Amazon for me. This did slightly alarm me but I have clearly said that it is a first draft so I decided to leave it.

Anyway, I will be revising the draft in the New Year. I’m having a break so I can look at it with fresh eyes when I revisit it. I’ve already decided to change the title to Murder and Miss Mittens (suggested by my sister).

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