Review of Prada and Prejudice by Katie Oliver ?>

Review of Prada and Prejudice by Katie Oliver

The full title of this book is Prada and Prejudice (Dating Mr Darcy Book 1) so you know that there are more in the series. Prada and Prejudice is a modern adaptation, set in the world of fashion and retail. The heroine, Natalie Dashwood (wonder where the author came up with the surname from?) is a spoiled socialite and heiress to a department store, Dashwood and James. She meets Rhys Gordon (a business trouble shooter, brought in to save the ailing family business) when she throws a glass of Pinot Noir over him, aiming at her boyfriend Dominic, who has just dumped her and got engaged to someone else. The story goes from there.

It’s always interesting working out who is which character in an adaptation. I thought another title could have been Too Many Wickhams as there do seem to be several characters vying for the role. Mr Collins appears in the shape of Ian Clarkson, married to her pregnant best friend Alexa who wants to switch to Natalie. While more handsome than Mr Collins, he is also a lot nastier, not above trying to blackmail Natalie into having sex with him. Natalie’s grandfather (her parents are dead) is obviously Mr Bennet.

I do have a slight problem with Natalie, she comes across at first as a spoilt, selfish and sometimes rather stupid brat, not much like Lizzie Bennet. For example, even after she knows that the family business is in trouble, she buys a £9,000 chandelier as a wedding present and not even from her own family’s department store.

However, overall, this is a fun adaptation I enjoyed reading, my other title for it would be Sex and the City meets Pride and Prejudice. If you like the idea of  high fashion and Pride and Prejudice, then this is the book for you.



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