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Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens

Review of Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens by Jonathan Pinnock

This is a SF sequel spoof (don’t try to say it when you’ve had a couple of drinks). It is set about a year after Elizabeth and Darcy have been married. The plot is that Lydia has gone missing and Wickham is trying to prove to Elizabeth that aliens have abducted her. Wickham works as an undercover agency for a special government department investigating a possible alien invasion. This makes the book sound more serious than it is. It certainly doesn’t take itself seriously.

It reminded me of a Carry On film, one of the better ones not the travesty that was ‘Carry on Columbus’. I think an alternative title for the book could have been ‘Carry On Darcy’ Now, there’s a film I’d like to see. It is stuffed with puns and allusions to modern day topics. Some of these are very clever and funny and some of them aren’t so much. Although mercifully (in my opinion) there aren’t too many references to ‘pearl necklaces’ and ‘pork swords’. I’m not sure how much someone who hasn’t lived in the UK would make of it. They probably wouldn’t pick up all the puns and word play.

I did like Lady Catherine de Bourgh as a tentacled leader of the alien invasion and the baby alien. The aliens have a device that can shoot victims into the future. Now, why do I have a suspicion that the author watched the Dr Who episode with the Weeping Angels? The use of this device gives a completely different spin to the Whitechapel Murders. Lord Byron and Jane Austen also have cameos.

If you don’t take Pride and Prejudice sequels too seriously and like comic science fiction with a touch of steampunk, then you will almost certainly like this book.


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