Sony Ebook Reader PRS 350 ?>

Sony Ebook Reader PRS 350

I am very sad. I can see the end of the line for my little Sony ebook reader. I am very fond of it. I bought it a few years ago and it was one of the first smaller sized ebook readers. My model is pink in retrospect, probably not my best decision. I now wish I had chosen the silver model. It is also a little battered now, a little of the pink plastic on the keys has chipped away.

But it has worked hard over the last few years. I used it while commuting to and from work and it is an excellent size for handbags. I now have a Kobo Glo and the Sony 350 is about an inch narrower and shorter even with a cover. And a little lighter.

Now I do have a Kobo Glo though, I have realised just how useful the backlight is. With the 350, I had to find the place on the platform with the best light while waiting for my train in the dark winter evenings.

I also liked my 350 because it has a reasonable number of different sized fonts to choose from (unlike my Sony PRS 505) and a stylus. The stylus is very useful in helping to select letters of the alphabet which appear in a list down the side of the page when you have ordered your ebooks by title or by author.

The other  thing I like about the Sony is that it takes epub ebooks. That means you are not tied into one online ebook store and can use it for ebooks you have downloaded from your local public library (if your library offers this). It does mean though that you have to download the ebook to your computer and then connect your reader and download it to that. I know a lot of people don’t like that much effort.

However, having to connect to the computer is also the reason that my 350 is coming to the end of its usefulness. Because I recently bought a new mac and the new mac doesn’t like the old Sony Reader Library software. Supposedly the new Sony Reader software works with the 350. Not on my mac, it doesn’t. It doesn’t recognise it. And Adobe Digital Editions doesn’t recognise it because Sony never provided the software to make macs and its readers work with ADE. This means that I can no longer download new purchased ebooks or library ebooks to my 350. Only ebooks without DRM that I can download through Calibre. So its future usefulness is limited.

Sigh, we had some good times together.



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